Hollywood is transformed into the workplace of the future

January 9, 2016
The Los Angeles Times
By Jessica Ritz

How can an almost 80-year-old broadcasting building steeped in Hollywood history relate to how we work and live now?

The design of NeueHouse, a hybrid coworking facility and social club aimed at enterprising creative professionals, reveals many connections between past and present within the former West Coast headquarters of CBS.

The Neuehouse Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times Columbia Square with public sculptures by artist Dustin Yellen and NeueHouse.

“We’re all broadcasters today,” said Joshua Abram, NeueHouse’s co-founder, in what originally was the general manager’s office. Legendary network head William S. Paley would work from the upper floor suite when he came to Los Angeles to check in on his network’s big names, such as Orson Welles, and attend to the growing CBS media empire.

In a sly reference to modern architecture pioneer Le Corbusier’s notion of the home as “a machine for living,” Paley described the building he commissioned Swiss architect William Lescaze to design in 1937 on Sunset Boulevard near North Gower Street as a “machine for broadcasting.”


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